The Order of Knights of Good Works

The Order of the Knights of Good Works is a secular organization sponsored and supported by the Church of Interfaith Christians. It was founded for three main purposes: One, to provide an Order of Chivalry (based on the knights of old) whereby spiritual people from all different backgrounds and walks of life could share in promoting the Golden Rule and earn their knighthood; Two, to form an organization that would encourage loving and doing for our neighbors and giving back to our communities and sharing ideas for good works; Three,to recognise the good works of others when we see them, and to perform good works ourselves. Membership is open to everyone interested in promoting unity, good will and good works.

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Welcome to the home page for the Order of the Knights of Good Works.

Spirit of the Knight

by Dr. Sarah Lynn McCoy

Copyright 2003

A gift to all well and true, good Knights of the ‘Knights of Good Works


When you need

someone who is loyal

someone who is honest

someone who is helpful

someone who is kind

Look for the Spirit of the Knight


When you need a shoulder to cry on

someone to rely on

someone to talk to

somweone to be a friend

Look for the Spirit of the Knight


When you need

someone who has a gentle heart

someone who has a spiritual soul

or is an angel in disguise

Look for the Spirit of the Knight


When you need

almost anything




Look for the Spirit of the Knight


Although founded by those of a "new" denomination of faith, Interfaith Christians, membership is open regardless of faith, creed, national origin, gender or sexual orientation, a secular organization. This group is for those who do good works and desire to recognize the 'good works' of others. It is also for the purpose of allowing its members to physically duplicate the Knights Of Good Works within their own communities for fellowship with like minded people, if they so desire.

Sponsored and Supported by the Church of Interfaith Christians